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Tips for Shipping to Vietnam

Vietnam has been known as the country with the highest economic growth since 2000. When moving to Vietnam people who love to smile and who are truly interested in foreign visitors will welcome you. Now that you've made the choice to move to a new place, it's time to decide what you will be shipping to Vietnam. It is important to seek help from and international overseas shipping company that will guide you through the process. These carriers are experts in shipping your personal items and making sure your shipping process to Vietnam goes smoothly. They will present you with different options for packing your belongings and shipping them by air or sea. A reputable international shipping company will provide you with the proper documents required by Vietnam's customs, but here's a few tips for shipping to Vietnam:
  • The person moving must be in Vietnam for customs clearance for air and sea shipments, and your passport is also required.
  • You are only allowed one air and one surface shipment to Vietnam.
  • Obviously your name will have to be written on all of your packages and documentation, but you must make sure that the name matches the one on your passport.

Guide to Shipping from Vietnam

  • Don't forget to check with Vietnam customs to be sure that you have all the required documents needed for shipping from Vietnam.
  • Making a list of your belongings is imperative when shipping to another country. Doing this will insure that your items will not be delayed when they reach their final destination.
  • When researching a shipping company, review quotes and read testimonials. It is also important that the company speaks your native language so they can give you the assistance you will need when shipping from Vietnam.

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