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Tips for Shipping to Panama

No matter what the reason for moving to Panama, the first step is investigating the entire process. It is crucial to know all the main factors involved and the final cost before hiring an international mover. Customs regulations are a part of any overseas move, and it can involve more than one customs agency depending on the number of countries the shipment goes through. If cost is a factor, one must know that Panama does require taxes to be paid upon arrival by land, air, and sea. Cars carry an especially high import tax duty of 27%-30% of the sum of cost, insurance, and freight. You must decide if shipping your car is in your best interest financially.

Tips for Shipping from Panama

Moving from Panama can be just as complex. It does not solely involve boxing up your belongings and sending them to your new home. Shipping from Panama means finding the shipping company that fits your unique needs. Many companies offer some quick money saving options. It can involve door-to-door shipping or port-to-port, depending on the cost. Whether shipping household goods or a vehicle, the biggest concern is protecting your assets when shipping from Panama.

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Moving to and from Panama is an arduous venture. The nature of the contents, weight, and Customs inspections are the principal factors to consider. All of these factors can put one in a stressful position, but there are ways to counteract that stress. A move should not be something that takes a while to mentally and financially recover from. can save you time and money, as you can get 5 free shipping quotes and save up to 35% on your move to Panama!