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International Shipping

International shipping is a necessary step in moving your belongings to a foreign country, especially when moving to countries that your current country of residence does not share an adjacent border with. International shipping methods vary depending on the size and bulk of the items you are shipping. Most people will choose container shipping for their household items. Twenty-foot or forty-foot containers on international shipments can carry not only the entirety of your household goods, but also a family vehicle or two. Another international freight shipping method is to ship items on pallets. Pallets are a cheaper option for shipping items from a small home or apartment. Sharing a container with another international shipping customer is also a good idea that can save you money!

International Shipping Companies

International shipping companies may own their cargo ships, though, much more frequently, they broker the shipments by comparing the travel routes, availability, and pricing of various cargo ships. An international shipping company that brokers shipments is known as a freight forwarder, or a shipping logistics company. While freight forwarders may have access to more ships to quickly and easily schedule an international shipment, they may be more costly than contacting a cargo ship directly. International container shipping companies often allow customers to book their services online, though you may also be required to contact them via phone or email directly for a quote. Always ask them about the availability of shared containers to get the best pricing. International shipping companies should work with you to find the ideal option for shipping your household goods depending on the size of the home you currently occupy, and your individual needs.

International Shipping Rates

International shipping rates depend on the method used for transport, of course, as well as the weight of the shipment and the distance it must travel. While air freight transport is an option, most individuals will find it cost prohibitive. Ocean container shipping rates, while expensive, are much more affordable. A typical international shipping quote may range from $2,000-$3,000 and up for a full container. International shipping quotes only go up from there, and may not include the cost of loading and unloading items from the container. To find out more about international shipping rates, contact us to get a free quote instantly!