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Tips for Shipping to Pakistan

Moving to Pakistan for a career change? International relocation is becoming a more common practice, and experts in the industry are available right here for your reference. Once you've decided on the household items or vehicles you will be shipping to Pakistan, choose a professional in the international shipping industry to ease the process. Items you ship to Pakistan such as electrical items, appliances and new possessions will be subject to duty charges and possible prohibition. Working with a professional overseas shipping carrier will insure that your inventory list is properly compiled and meets the criteria required for shipping to Pakistan. Be sure to give yourself several months to not only select a carrier for moving to Pakistan but to work with them to get organized.  Be sure to obtain many quotes and choose the most experienced international shipper for everything you will ship to Pakistan. Use this time to also get your personal documentation in order such as opening a new bank account and securing your visa and updating your passport information, vaccinations and legal papers. Regulations for moving to Pakistan may change at any time, so working with a reputable carrier will keep you up to date. Most importantly, you MUST be present in Pakistan at the time of customs inventory review.

Guide to Shipping from Pakistan

  • Shipping from Pakistan requires special documentation required for the items you ship from one country to another.
  • Shipments have guidelines that must be followed when you ship from Pakistan, to remain duty free in the country you relocate to.
  • Take time to familiarize yourself with guidelines, but International carriers can insure that the items you ship from Pakistan arrive safely and in a timely manner, with all provisions involved in moving from Pakistan taken care of.

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