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Tips for Shipping to England

Are you moving to England? Maybe your business is transferring you, or you want a change of scenery. When planning and organizing your entire household to ship to England, the idea of it can be very overwhelming. A great way to make your shipping experience less stressful is to hire a company that specializes in shipping to other countries. When using a company with professional experience to ship to another country, they can help with every detail:
  • They will work along with you to prepare the correct documentation required for customs for the items you are shipping to your destination.
  • The carrier will make sure that your belongings are packed in proper crating.
  • Estimating the value of your order for recommendation at customs to cover the VAT charge of items shipping to England.
  • When importing goods to England, the person who brought them must present them to customs, so be sure you feel well represented when you are moving to your new home.

Guide to Shipping from England

Are you shipping from England? Returning home? The good news is that no VAT is charged to export your household items or vehicle as long as you're moving from England to any country other than the European countries. While researching which moving company will assist with smooth transport of the items you are shipping from England, it is important to review customs requirements and documentation needed for the country you will enter. Decide which items you will ship from England, and carefully list and categorize them. This will assist the moving company of your choice to better estimate the proper container needed to move your belongings to your new destination.

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