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Tips for Shipping to Tunisia

Does a change in career find you moving to Tunisia in the Sahara desert? About forty percent of Tunisia's landscape is comprised of the Sahara. Relocating and shipping your household goods or vehicle is easier with the help of international shipping experts. Our comprehensive lists of professionals are standing by to help simplify the packing of the items you will be shipping to Tunisia for your relocation.
  • Only one shipment is allowed to ship to Tunisia initially. So be sure to work hand in hand with your carrier to assure that you are including all belongings you will need to ship to Tunisia.
  • When shipping to Tunisia be sure to check with the nearest Embassy for any current customs regulations. The official language of Tunisia is Arabic, but French is also widely spoken, so be sure when you're moving to your new home, you secure an industry professional that is proficient in the language needed to communicate with the customs officials.
  • Your shipper will work with you to determine an approximate arrival date for the items you are shipping to your new home. Coordinate your travel dates with them so that you are in Tunisia to meet your shipment and to be at customs to clear the items you are shipping to Tunisia.

Guide to Shipping from Tunisia

When you find yourself moving from Tunisia, it is important to be familiar with the exportation guidelines set forth by their government so that your move from Tunisia runs smoothly.
  • Be sure to research all government Visa requirements before you move from Tunisia. This will save you time and avoid delays.
  • Usually there are restrictions on items that you ship from Tunisia. Choosing a top quality shipping company when moving from your location will assist you with knowing which of your household items may be restricted or even prohibited to be shipped from Tunisia.
  • Review quotes and read testimonials from others that have shipped from Tunisia to guide you through the process of shipping from Tunisia, and be sure you are dealing with a company that speaks your native language.

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