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Tips for Shipping to Turkey

Moving to Turkey will be quite an educational experience. The opportunities for exploration are endless. For instance, Istanbul has been the capital of three great empires for more than 2000 years. It is the only city in the world located on two continents! Be sure to hire a reputable and experienced leader in the international shipping industry when shipping your belongings so that you arrive in a timely fashion and can begin enriching your life in Turkey.
  • Your industry professional will be up to date on the regulations governing shipping to Turkey.
  • Cell phones entering Turkey must be accompanied by a certification form showing ownership.
  • When shipping to Turkey you will find that you can bring household items into Turkey using a system called "temporary import," as long as you have a residence permit of a year or more. You will have to pay a deposit if you choose to use this system when moving to your new home.

Guide to Shipping from Turkey

Moving from Turkey? Returning home? Follow these tips to ensure your move goes smoothly:
  • If you are shipping from Turkey to return home and originally used the "temporary import" system to enter through customs, you must take all the items back with you when you move from Turkey.
  • Keeping a comprehensive inventory list of your belongings is crucial so that your items shipping from Turkey are not delayed in transport. Your overseas carrier will be familiar with the documentation needed to ship from Turkey.
  • Review quotes and read testimonials from others that have shipped from Turkey to guide you through the process of shipping from Turkey, and be sure you are dealing with a company that speaks your native language.

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