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Tips for Shipping to Sweden

Moving to Sweden? Sweden has one of the most comprehensive public transportation systems in the world! Trains and buses go everywhere, from the big cities to the smallest skiing villages. Specialists in international shipping of your household belongings, your vehicle, and other personal items are available to make moving to Sweden hassle free.
  • Start right here with an in depth online research of various movers. Familiarize yourself with the services provided, shipping details and the rates charged.
  • Choose movers that not only ship your belongings but also help you properly pack the belongings you've selected to ship to Sweden. Proper crating is important when being approved at customs.
  • Of course you must provide an inventory of all items you are moving to your new home. When shipping to Sweden, that list can be English, so that will save you time in translation.
  • Take into consideration public holidays when you arrange shipping to Sweden. A consignment arriving on a holiday would cause delays. To save time and make the transition of the goods you ship to Sweden easier, work with your carrier to choose a date that has your shipment arrive mid-week, when the ports are less busy.
Because you must be present in Sweden for customs clearance, after booking your shipping dates, be sure that you arrange your travel so that you reach Sweden in time to receive your belongings at customs and that all the documentation you need to ship to Sweden is in proper order.

Guide to Shipping from Sweden

Are you moving from Sweden? Follow the tips below to make your move a smooth one:
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to arrange your move from Sweden. Proper preparation will delete any delays encountered when shipping from your location.
  • Shipping from Sweden requires proper documentation that follows government guidelines, and professionals can help you to adhere to the proper documentation to ship from foreign countries.
  • Trusted leaders in the industry will guarantee that your items shipped from a foreign country arrive in a timely manner, making your transition stress free.

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