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Tips for Shipping to Holland

Moving to Holland? With the help from international overseas shipping companies that will guide you along the way when you are deciding which items you will be shipping to Holland, your transition will be smooth. When you've made the decision of what you will ship to Holland, your chosen carrier will be able to provide you with specifications and the best options for crating and packing what you'll be moving to your new location.
  • Choose a carrier that will arrange the proper crating and packing for the items you'll be shipping to your new home.
  • Moving to a foreign country requires proper documentation not only for you personally, but also for all household goods and vehicles you are shipping to your destination.
  • A reputable international carrier will provide the insurance you need to cover liability for the items you ship.
  • If you obtain an Import Permit and include all household items and vehicles you are shipping to Holland in your inventory list in the original petition, you can ship household goods without paying import taxes. Your carrier should be up to date on this perk of shipping to Holland.

Guide to Shipping from Holland

  • Using leaders in the industry assures you a timely transition when moving from Holland.
  • Required documentation to ship from foreign countries is required, and your carrier is experienced in handling all documentation.
  • Having a professional overseas carrier that is familiar with the restrictions on prohibited items leaving the country will greatly assist you when moving from Holland.
  • International carriers provide insurance that the items you ship from Holland arrive safely. Discuss this provision with your shipping company when shipping from Holland.

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