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Tips for Shipping to the Philippines

Many people move to the Philippines for that dream of a relaxed and stress-free life. However, moving to the Philippines doesn't conjure up a sense of calm. In addition to all the paperwork, shipping freight can require transportation by land, air, and sea. The primary means of transportation is by sea, as the county is the second largest archipelago in the world. Each port may require its own fees and have different Customs regulations, so it's important to know the details before you ship to the Philippines. International shipping companies can help you work through this and avoid any complications.

Tips for Shipping from Philippines

Manila boasts one of the busiest sea ports on the globe, so the city is a major hub for import and export. The shipping rates companies charge when shipping from the Philippines will take into account numerous factors. These can include warehouse receiving, shipping containers, documentation and ocean transportation. The cost can increase as the services are tailored to the owner, customs clearance, and the inland city destination within the provinces. Finding the right shipping company, that's within your budget becomes the main focus when shipping from the Philippines.

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It is imperative to have shipping experts who know the entire process. One thing you must know is where your money is going and be sure that every dollar is accounted for. This can save you from any surprise expenses during delivery or arrival of your goods. The right company will have it all set up and make it easy to understand. To save time and money, get up to 5 free shipping quotes at, and save up to 35% on your move to Philippines!