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Tips for Shipping to Malaysia

No matter what the reason or amount shipped, moving to Malaysia first begins with research. It is vital to know all the principal factors involved and the final cost before signing on the dotted line. Customs will initially provide a detailed list of regulations and the necessary documents required before a shipment can be dispatched. One benefit of shipping to Malaysia is that personal items can be imported duty free - as long as the items are owned for 3 months and will be kept for at least 6 months after. It is crucial to know that what you ship to Malaysia is subject to a full Customs inspection. Finally, you must be in the country to complete all the necessary procedures and ensure proper delivery of your goods.

Tips for Shipping from Malaysia

Moving from Malaysia can be a complex procedure, so it is essential to know every detail of the process. Just like shipping to Malaysia, shipping from Malaysia means reviewing the Customs regulations of the intended destination. Freight by air, land, and water all carry different costs. Sea and land stowage are calculated on the general volume of wares being prepared and shipped. As a rule of thumb, the larger the overall volume for delivery, the lower the rate per cubic foot, and vice versa. Air freight is based on the actual gross weight of the cargo or the volume weight and most companies tend to go with whichever is greater.

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