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Tips for Shipping to Nicaragua

Moving is a tough process in general, but when you're moving to Nicaragua it becomes much more complicated. It requires more research and preparation to make sure that your personal property is well protected and actually arrives at its destination. Preliminary quotes from companies can add up, and all the calls can be very time consuming. Shipping to Nicaragua can involve hauling cargo by land, air, and sea. Companies will also assess the content being sent based on Customs regulations and charge based on weight or size. Many international shipping companies charge by cubic foot and also require a minimum shipping rate. All of these elements can seem overwhelming, so it is essential to find the right company for a successful move to Nicaragua. Customs will only allow one shipment, unless designated as a partial delivery, so it is important to plan far in advance.

Tips for Shipping from Nicaragua

Shipping from Nicaragua tends to rely on the high seas since it has so many ports. Most companies will send a shipping container on a truck that can be filled based on the desired time frame. Once it is all packed, they send the truck down to the port and ship it to the desired destination. It is indispensable to know whether or not your presence is required for Custom agencies. Moving from Nicaragua is easiest when a quality shipping company takes care of everything for you.

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People move to Nicaragua for many different reasons; one recent incentive is a one-time tax break that allows retirees to bring $10,000 worth of personal possessions and their vehicle. That is a terrific enticement when moving to Nicaragua can get pricey based on the content and weight of your property. The best method to ship to Nicaragua is to utilize to get 5 free shopping quotes and save up to 35% on your move to Nicaragua!