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Tips for Shipping to the Czech Republic

Moving to the Czech Republic? Relocating overseas requires the help from companies that will guide you along the way when you are deciding which items you will be shipping to your new home. When you've made the decision of what you will ship to the Czech Republic, your chosen carrier will be able to provide you with specifications and the best options for packing what you'll be moving to your new location. Shipping household goods to the Czech Republic requires the following, and your professional will assist you in providing the necessary documentation for the items you ship to the Czech Republic:
  • A personal declaration that all household goods being shipped to the Czech Republic are older than six months.
  • A copy of your work permit for the city you are moving to.
  • A copy of a long-term visa or a receipt that the shipper has already applied for it.
  • A packing list of all goods, printed in both Czech and in English, with monetary values of all items you are shipping to your destination.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • A copy of a lease contract for at least one year in the client's name.
  • A power of attorney for the mover to import the shipment.

Guide to Shipping from the Czech Republic

  • Using leaders in the industry assures you a timely transition when moving from the Czech Republic.
  • Shipping from the Czech Republic requires the help of professionals that are familiar with the required documentation to ship from foreign countries.
  • Having a professional overseas carrier that speaks your native language will greatly assist you when moving from the Czech Republic.
  • International carriers provide insurance that the items you ship from the Czech Republic arrive safely. Discuss this provision with your shipping company when shipping from the Czech Republic.

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