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Tips for Shipping to Germany

Does a change in career have you moving to Germany? Or are you making a personal choice to move? Whatever your reason is for relocating and shipping your personal or corporate belongings, help with arranging for a smooth transition is readily available. Professionals are standing by to help simplify the packing of the items you will be shipping to Germany for your relocation.
  • Work hand in hand with a professional and insured leader in the industry when moving to your new location to ease the transport and maintain a timeline of coordination for shipping to Germany.
  • Germany requires a valued inventory of the household goods prepared¬†preferably in German that is dated and signed by you prior to moving to your new home.
  • Germany is a world leader in trade. Working with experienced international movers affords you the security that whatever you are shipping to Germany will arrive safely and in a timely manner.

Guide to Shipping from Germany

Are you moving from Germany? Consider the following tips for your move:
  • Moving from Germany requires proper documentation for you that adheres to government Visa guidelines. Researching these requirements before you move from Germany will save you time and avoid delays.
  • Professionals in overseas shipping can help you to adhere to the proper documentation needed to ship from foreign countries.
  • Germany is one of the world's largest exporters, on par with China. Overseas carriers should be familiar with their customs procedures.

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