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Tips for Shipping to Poland

One of the biggest challenges when moving to Poland is shipping personal property like household goods and automobiles. Poland is a member of the European Union, which means they have common trade policies for foreign countries. The policies affect the Customs tariffs and duty rates based on the goods imported or exported. Shipping to Poland also involves permits and/or import licenses for certain commodities. All of these factors create a stressful and time consuming process. An international shipping company can help take care of it all when you move to Poland!

Tips for Shipping from Poland

Moving from Poland is just as significant because it means adhering to local and industry regulations. Prior to shipping from Poland, you need to have a copy of your passport and an inventory of goods. If the import of the goods was prior to 2004, original documents from the customs clearance is required to have the import bond released. This is a vital component to ship from Poland. To ensure your property can be shipped, it is crucial to employ a highly regarded shipping company in Poland.

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Moving to and from Poland can be an exciting adventure. Poland is near the center of Europe, which means traveling is a powerful draw. It is getting over the initial hurdle of shipping that can be daunting. One needs to find the right shipping company to take care of all the details like Customs, the best travel method, and finding the right price. Then you can will need to be present to sign for delivery or arrival. can help by offering you 5 free shipping quotes to save up to 35% on your move to Poland!