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Tips for Shipping to Romania

Moving to Romania for a corporate relocation for personal reasons? Organizing your belongings to ship to The Black Sea area requires careful planning. Fortunately, utilizing the help from companies with experience in shipping to foreign countries will greatly reduce the stress involved in moving to your new location.
  • When moving to Romania choose a professional that will personally check for completeness of the paperwork required for all of the necessary documents required for the clearance being signed by you.
  • When relocating, be sure to hire a reputable international shipping carrier that has experience shipping to your new location. Knowledge of the proper packing and shipping containers needed to ship to your new home is imperative. Your household inventory list must be written in Romanian, detailed, valued, dated and signed by the shipping company.
  • Shipping to Romania requires specific handling and processing of your moving documents. Be sure to work hand in hand with a professional and leader in the in the industry when relocating to your new location to avoid delays in shipping to Romania.

Guide to Shipping from Romania

Are you moving from Romania? Relocating? Shipping from Romania can be made easier and less stressful by remembering that:
  • A valued and experienced international shipping company is essential when moving from Romania. Double check requirements and prohibited items with your embassy.
  • Shipping from Romania requires proper documentation, and professionals can help you to adhere to the proper documentation to ship from foreign countries.
  • Working with a trusted leader in the industry will guarantee your items shipped from a foreign country arrive in a timely manner.
  • You're professional will be aware of the fees involved with shipping from a foreign country. Reputable companies provide insurance for the items that you ship from Romania.

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