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Tips for Shipping to Norway

A move to any destination is a hefty undertaking and cost is always a significant factor. When moving to Norway, ship personal and household items by land, air, and sea. In the United States, the maritime industry offers a fixed minimum charge per shipment and shipping rates are based on the cubic space in the container. Air freight usually relies more on the weight of the goods. Shipping to Norway does add duty and tax if the goods are brand new, but if it shows wear and tear it is free. Research is extremely helpful to find the right method for your transport needs and make for a successful move to Norway.

Tips for Shipping from Norway

Moving from Norway is a difficult process and it is extremely valuable to know all the details up front - from packing to signing paperwork at Customs. Also, your intended destination may require a different route, so you'll need to look into this as well. When shipping from Norway, one can find more competitive rates in terms of freight by land. This is because Norway is the sixth largest country in Europe in terms of land mass.

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It is vital to have experts who know the ins and outs of international shipping. It saves from any surprises during delivery and arrival and ensures that your personal property is protected. There's nothing worse than spending a large amount of money and not getting your property based on the regulations at the Customs agency. The focal point is finding the right company, and that can take time and energy. can take care of it all by giving you 5 free quotes instantly - saving you up to 35% on your move to Norway!