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Tips for Shipping to Portugal

Portugal is known for its abundant opportunities, luxurious living and quality education. Those moving to Portugal know the assistance and support of a shipping company is essential. Shipping to Portugal means that rules and regulations must be met, and certain items require certification to ship. Certificates must be completed ahead of time and can cover authenticity, health, or even food. It is equally valuable to know what items you can ship to Portugal. For instance, children's toys that contain copper sulfate cannot be imported. All of these factors can seem overwhelming, so it is best to find a reliable international shipping company to handle all the details.

Tips for Shipping from Portugal

Moving from Portugal can be just as difficult. It's not like grabbing moving boxes and sending them to its intended destination. Shipping from Portugal means researching all the regulations and costs associated with freight by land, air, and sea. Portugal has a large coastline, but it also has over 68,000 kilometers of highway. Each component of shipping can add up, and it can be hard to decide upon a shipping method. If you get confused in the process it is important to find a knowledgeable company who can take care of everything for you.

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