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Overseas Shipping

Overseas shipping is the most popular method of transporting goods and materials internationally. Compared to methods like air freight transport, it is much more affordable and practical for large quantities of goods. The most popular method of shipping household goods overseas is via a container. Freight forwarders and international shipping logistics companies can help you plan for this process, which usually requires extensive documentation. For instance, shipping a car overseas necessitates documenting that the car is owned by the shipper, and the undercarriage will, most likely, have to be washed by an approved agency. Shipping containers overseas does require some unique documentation, including a bill of lading documenting the effects placed in the container, a certificate of origin, a dock receipt, a shipper’s export declaration (SED), and an insurance certificate. Hiring a freight forwarder to help with this process is well worth the additional cost.

How to Ship a Container Overseas

Packing items for overseas shipping in a container is not quite as simple as packing items for shipping in a moving truck. Knowing how to ship a container overseas is essential before the date of departure.
  • Boxes, packing materials, and storage containers used should be moisture-resistant. Water may leak into shipping containers during long, potentially stormy, trips overseas. Make sure items are tightly sealed away.
  • Consider the weight distribution of items in the container. Loading a container unevenly may lead to damage to the container, and, quite possibly, your possessions.
  • Use pallets whenever possible.
  • Use shrink wrapping and other packing material to protect furniture and other delicate goods.
  • Observe proper labeling procedures. Containers require a customer identification code, port marks, and gross and net weights, among other labels. Never label the precise contents in a container, as this may encourage theft.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Container Overseas?

If you are wondering ‘how much does it cost to ship a container overseas?,’ know that it’s not cheap. Most ships charge between $2,000 and $3,000 for a full container load (FCL), though less-than-container loads may come in under that mark. Sharing a container with another shipper is one way to drive down the cost of overseas shipping. Compare overseas shipping quotes now to get the best price on shipping household goods internationally!