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Tips for Shipping to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand can be a difficult ordeal. Preparation and planning is essential when shipping to New Zealand. It's not like hitting the weight limit at the airport and paying the extra fee. You will need to know the current Customs regulations and how personal situations can affect the status of your shipment. The reason being, you are liable to pay a duty or taxes on certain items, and if that's the case, then evidence of ownership is required. One benefit of shipping to New Zealand is that it is a leading air freight destination, so it is easy to negotiate rates with shipping companies. Finally, it is crucial to know that once a load arrives, you must complete and sign an inventory to clear the shipment.

Tips for Shipping from New Zealand

Moving from New Zealand can be just as strenuous. It involves shipping from New Zealand by land, air or sea to the proposed destination. When shipping by sea you can choose from 20' or 40' open containers, bolsters, or dry shipping containers to protect your personal property. Research is essential here because some companies will allow an automobile and property all in the same container.

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Moving to or from New Zealand will always involve shipping goods. You will need to do your homework well in advance to ensure you don't run into any problems. Customs regulations will become the focal point, and it can be hard to make sure everything is in order. Wouldn't it be nice to instantly get up to 5 free shipping quotes and save up to 35% on your move to New Zealand? Well you can do just that here at!