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Sea Shipping

Sea shipping companies transport household goods, bulk freight, and other cargo across the ocean. Shipping ports load and unload goods every day, as sea shipping is the primary method of shipping goods internationally. Sea-land shipping can transport items as small as clothes, to as large as cars and industrial equipment. Sealand shipping companies originated with the Sea-Land Service, Inc, an older liner and sea shipping company.

Sealand Shipping Company

Sea-Land shipping company, now doing business as Horizon Lines, Inc., was founded in 1960 by Malcom McLean. Since, the sea land shipping company has transferred ownership numerous times and operated under names like "Sea-Land Corporation" and "Sea-Land Industries." At one point, the company was one of the liners owned by the A. P. Moller-Maersk Group, one of the top 10 biggest freight shipping companies in the world. As Horizon Lines, Sea-Land shipping company has severed ties with its former owners and gone public, while still using a variant of the company’s classic logo.

Sea Land Containers

Sea-land containers frequently traverse the between a variety of US ports, including to Alaska and Hawaii. Horizon Lines is the largest sea shipping company operating between US ports, managing 37% of the local shipments. Their total operating income is over a 1.1 billion dollars annually. Sea-Land container shipping is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina currently, with 20 ships in operation. In total, the company owns nearly 31,000 containers. The majority of their customers need consumer and industrial products shipped, though US government agencies are also frequent customers.