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Tips for Shipping to South Africa

Are you moving to South Africa? If your reasons or personal or career oriented, you'll be pleased to know that South Africa is ranked as an upper-middle income economy, so your choice of moving to South Africa may turn out to be a prosperous one! When shipping to South Africa, working within time constraints is imperative. Let a trusted leader in the international shipping industry help you maintain a proper timeline.
  • South Africa requires that you must arrive in the country at least ten days before the items you are moving to the port arrive. This is necessary so that you may attend to the formalities pertaining to customs clearance.
  • An experienced carrier will work with you to coordinate your arrival with the arrival of the goods you are shipping to South Africa.
  • South Africa also requires that all pertinent documents be in the possession of the Destination Agent at least 7 days before the arrival of the belongings you are moving to South Africa.
  • Working with experienced international movers affords you the security that whatever you are shipping to South Africa will arrive safely and in a timely manner.

Guide to Shipping from South Africa

  • When moving from South Africa, a proper timeline will make your transition hassle free.
  • Shipping from South Africa may involve listing in detail the value of your household items. You may also be asked to prove ownership of these items and how long you've owned them.
  • Top leaders in the overseas shipping industry are an asset when planning what you will ship from South Africa. Leave yourself ample time to work side by side with a reputable and insured shipper.

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