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Tips for Shipping to the Netherlands

One challenge when moving to the Netherlands is transporting personal belongings. From vehicles to household goods, shipping to the Netherlands begins with exploring what services are required and the methods of transportation. The shipping process can be door-to-door or port-to-port, but the method you choose will affect the total cost. The Netherlands is a member of the European Union, which dictates common trade policy. A move to the Netherlands requires importing goods, so it's your responsibility to know the policies and what the Customs tariff entails. Permits may also be required for certain goods, so if you don't know what you can ship to the Netherlands, you items can be denied. Importing a vehicle does require the payment of duties and Dutch VAT upon import. It is possible to pay the VAT by means of an ordinary VAT return, but an import declaration must be filed with the customs authorities.

Tips for Shipping from Netherlands

Moving from the Netherlands is a strenuous process, so it is extremely pertinent to know all the details. Shipping from the Netherlands means researching and evaluating the Customs regulations of the country. Transportation by air, land, and water carry different expenses. If you are shipping an automobile, you must be sure that you pay the duties associated with the VAT if you filed an extension. Customs can deny the transport of the car if it's not paid, so it is crucial to get it taken care of upfront.

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