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Tips for Shipping to Argentina

Whether you're moving to Argentina for a corporate relocation, or moving to Argentina for personal reasons, arranging and organizing your belongings to ship to Argentina can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the packing of the items you will be shipping to Argentina for your relocation. Many companies specialize in international shipping of your household belongings, your vehicle, and other personal items. Hiring a company with experience in shipping to foreign countries will greatly reduce the stress involved in moving to your new location.
  • Because of the excellent exchange rate in Argentina, the country is seeing an influx of retirees and business personnel moving to their country.
  • English is rarely spoken in Argentina, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the local language and culture before moving to Argentina.
  • Shipping to Argentina requires specific handling and processing of your documents. Be sure to work hand in hand with a professional and leader in the industry when moving.
  • While researching how to ship to Argentina, keep in mind that many items may not be allowed into the country. Check with your shipping company before packing.
  • Utilize a professional for your packing needs. Shipping to foreign countries likely means crating your belongings and supplying the international shipping company with lists of the items packed.

Guide to Shipping from Argentina

Are you moving from Argentina? Shipping from Argentina can be made easier and less stressful by following a few simple steps:
  • Use a trusted and valued international shipping company when moving from Argentina. Inform yourself and compare quotes from leaders in the industry.
  • Shipping from Argentina requires proper documentation, and professionals can help you to adhere to the proper documentation to ship from foreign countries.
  • Be sure the items you are shipping from Argentina are not prohibited in the country you are sending them to.
  • Export duties may apply to the items you are moving from Argentina. You're professional will be aware of the fees involved.
  • International carriers can insure that the items you ship from Argentina arrive safely and in a timely manner, with all provisions involved in moving from Argentina accounted for.

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