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Tips for Shipping to South Korea

Moving to South Korea, a country with advancements in industry and technology? Looking to live among very friendly people? When the choice is made, and you decide what you'll be shipping to your new home, secure help from international overseas shipping companies that will guide you through the process. Their expertise in working with items that families ship to foreign countries is a valuable asset and will assure that your transition will be smooth. The carrier you choose will be able to provide you with specifications and the best options for crating and packing what you'll be moving to your new location.
  • Choose a carrier that will arrange the proper crating and packing for the items you'll be shipping to your new home. This is imperative when shipping to South Korea. Korean customs does not allow port-to-door delivery of a loose load container.
  • All containers with the items you are shipping to South Korea must be unloaded at the customs bonded warehouse and inspected. You must be present for the examination of the items you are moving to this location.
  • International carriers are familiar with labeling, crating and listing in detail the items you choose to ship to South Korea. They have experience with the uncrating of the items you ship to South Korea, and will be sure that your belongings are transported to your new residence by truck once they have cleared customs.
  • Also important to remember is that a reputable international carrier will provide the insurance you need to cover liability for the items you ship to South Korea.

Guide to Shipping from South Korea

  • Using leaders in the industry assures you a timely transition when moving from South Korea.
  • Shipping from South Korea to the US, will almost always be duty free. Approximately 80% of industrial and consumer exports will become duty free. Your overseas experts are familiar with the rates charged for the items you ship from South Korea.
  • Discuss the provision of insurance coverage with your shipping company when shipping from South Korea.

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