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Tips for Shipping to Jordan

Moving to Jordan? Help from professionals in the industry will simplify the packing of the items you will be shipping to Jordan for your relocation. Over a decade ago, Jordan entered into a Fair Trade Agreement with the United States that phased out duties on nearly all goods and services between the two countries.
  • When you are moving to Jordan prepare yourself by thoroughly researching the personal documentation you will need to provide. Customs clearing is a stringent process, and an industry professional becomes an ally throughout the process of shipping to Jordan.
  • Work hand in hand with a professional and insured leader in the industry when you decide what you will ship to your new location. Shipping to Jordan comes with specific restrictions and prohibitions for items cleared through customs.
  • Jordan customs regulations require an inventory of the household goods prior to moving to your new home. Upon customs inspection musical instruments, printed material, DVD's, CD's, and computer software are subject to confiscation.
  • You must be present to receive your items for clearance. Your overseas shipper can help to coordinate your travel plans with the shipping arrival when moving to your new home.

Guide to Shipping from Jordan

Are you shipping goods from Jordan? Consider the following tips to make sure your move is a smooth one:
  • Moving from Jordan requires proper documentation for you that adheres to government guidelines. Researching these requirements before you move from Jordan will save you time and avoid delays.
  • Professionals in overseas shipping can help you prepare the proper documentation needed to ship from foreign countries. Remember that restrictions may apply to avoid being charged duties.
  • Having an international carrier that speaks your native language is a great asset as you have your personal items moved from Jordan.

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