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Tips for Shipping to the Dominican Republic

Moving to the Dominican Republic? Compare the most reputable international shipping companies that will guide you along the way when you are deciding which items you will be shipping to your new home. When you've made the decision of what you will ship to the Dominican Republic, your carrier will be able to provide you with specifications and the best options for crating and packing what you'll be moving to your new location.
  • Cargo shipments with used household items shipping to the Dominican Republic must have an invoice from a Dominican Consulate approving the transaction. Your professional will be sure this is arranged when you are moving to your destination.
  • Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to arrange all necessary paperwork needed for a smooth transition to your new home. This may take several months when you're moving to a foreign country.
  • Your overseas shipping partner will assist you with the proper packing and crating information needed to ship to your destination.
  • Choose wisely when selecting a carrier that will represent you internationally.

Guide to Shipping from Dominican Republic

  • Using leaders in the industry assures you a timely transition when moving from the Dominican Republic.
  • Shipping from the Dominican Republic requires the help of professionals that are familiar with the required documentation to ship from foreign countries.
  • Household items and vehicles being shipped from the Dominican Republic may have specific custom regulations. Be sure to work closely with your carrier so that your move from one country to another is done in a timely fashion.
  • International carriers provide insurance that the items you ship from the Dominican Republic arrive safely. Discuss this provision with your shipping company when shipping from the Dominican Republic.

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